Fall - Winter 2022 Outerwear Trends

 A few days ago, I wrote that I have now completed my summer posts and will start autumn-winter posts. Besides health and exercise, it's time to talk about fall and winter fashion.

As you know walking is my favorite art of exercising. I like to take long nature walks in autumn and observe the magnificent colors of nature. However, it's very important to me to choose the right clothes for this time of year. I can sweat with very thick winter jackets, and I feel cold with only thin t-shirts. Thinner jackets and coat vests are ideal for this. It prevents me from sweating and keeps me warm enough.

Fall - Winter 2022 Outerwear Trends

I created my list of fashion suggestions that I prepared today with the clothes of the girlmerry brand. The brand's collection includes really beautiful sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and different clothes for other occasions. I chose two jacket vests and one jacket for today.

💓The first of my selection of high-quality winter outfits is a jacket with a zipper and a hood. You can catch a sporty elegance with this jacket, which is suitable for autumn days, and you will not feel cold while spending time outdoors.
💓My second choice is a vest coat. This time, the front zippered vest in a sweet green tone will complement your autumn style. Since the collar part of the vest is closed well, it also protects your neck part.

💓My third choice is a white jacket vest from the wholesale winter clothes collection. The vest, which you can combine with long-sleeved t-shirts and jeans in many different colors, will also protect you from the coolness of autumn.

13th Anniversary Surprises

The big surprise is:: In order to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Girlmerry, all orders placed in September are at least 5% off!!!!
So my dear friends! The fall-winter season is officialy opened in deryanın spor günlüğü. I am glad to introduce to you another great fashion brand. I hope you like it too. You can visit their home page for more outfits. 

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