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Hello to everyone. I hope everyone is in good health. Today, I have an article that will please active, fit women who exercise regularly. We choose comfortable clothes for our fitness. The underwear we wear while doing sports has great importance too.  Sometimes it can cause irritation and injury. That's why I especially prefer seamless ones when doing sports. They are very comfortable while exercising.

In addition, the quality of sports bras is important to me. The things I pay attention to when buying features such as being made of non-irritating, breathable fabrics, not hurting seams, and providing good support to the breasts. It is also important that it is wireless for its convenience. I don’t like it too.

Today, I will have some suggestions for you from the cosmolle company that I find while researching on the internet and immediately added to my shopping list. I would like to share my wishlist with you too.

Cosmolle seamless bra collection

First of all, I would like to talk about the seamless bra models that I like very much with their soft and basic colors. This wireless bra is produced using 3D printed technology and collagen polyamide yarn. Thus, a push-up and cooling effect occur when you wear it.

You can also exercise even with just a bra and tights. Stylish bras create a beautiful fitness look with sports leggings.

Cosmolle underwear collection

Another product is seamless thong underwear. As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, this seamless underwear is very comfortable while doing sports. In addition, when you wear tight trousers, it is advantageous because the seam is not visible. For me, this is better as a g string.

These are the sports bra and underwear models I chose for today. I'm sure active women will like it a lot. Everyone can make a choice according to their taste among the color options such as soft pink, black and nude. Our comfort is very important, so we have more motivation to work out.

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